Creators of innovative and sustainable water and energy infrastructures 

About us

ALTO Solution creates innovative and sustainable technologies

to access water and energy.

Constantly looking for the most pragmatic and rational solutions, we are working to develop clean, efficient, and competitive infrastructures, industries, and services for access to water and energy. 


Our Technologies

Manufactured using very high performance concrete, our water and energy technologies significantly reduce the CAPEX of solar power plants and desalination plants while increasing the overall performance of these infrastructures. 

Sol.CT is a parabolic trough collector for concentrated solar power plants designated for both process heat generation (CST) and power generation (CSP).

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Desal.HiP is a monoblock structure used to install reverse osmosis or nanofiltration spiral wound membranes in desalination, water purification or wastewater treatment plants.

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Our Approach

Enabling IWPP & EPC to produce clean and competitive water and energy

Today, Independent Water and Power Producers (IWPP) as well as Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies want to produce clean and competitive water and energy, yet they are limited by the high CAPEX of existing technologies and their reduced performance.

ALTO Solution responds directly to these challenges by proposing technologies that drastically reduce the CAPEX of these infrastructures while increasing their performance.

International Patents

ALTO Solution holds international patents protecting its HiP and PaT technologies.


ALTO Solution sells operating and manufacturing licenses of its technologies to Independent Water and Power Producers (IWPPs) or EPC companies specialized in the construction of solar fields or desalination plants.

Industrial demonstrators

In order to achieve proofs of concept, to promote the different possible applications of its technologies, and to test them in real conditions of use, ALTO Solution realizes industrial demonstrators. 

Our Demonstrators


ALTO Solution constructed a demonstration CST plant within the Coopérative Agricole de Taroudant – COPAG.

This 50 kWth thermo-solar plant was commissioned in May 2016 and aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of solar thermal technologies in industrial environments.

The technology used for this demonstrator is not Sol.CT technology; it is a Canadian technology provided by Rackam.

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Our Management Team

Mehdi Berrada

Founder & CEO

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International experience in desalination and solar energy

Mauro Pedretti

Partner & CTO

Member of the Swiss Academy for Sciences and holder of numerous international patents


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