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We aim at building efficient infrastructures giving access
to clean energy at a competitive price


To do this, we have developed a breakthrough technology
in the concentrating solar energy sector: Sol.CT

Heat accounts for more than 50% of the total energy consumed worldwide

share of heat in global energy consumption

source : IEA 2019


in industry
(process heat)


in buildings
(space and water)

Sol.CT is a parabolic trough designed for the mass adoption
of solar concentrating applications

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several applications

Concentrating solar energy generates heat between 100 and 350°C.
This offers several advantages over other clean heat producing technologies
such as solar flat-plate collectors, photovoltaics connected to a heat pump  or geothermic energy,
all of which are limited to considerably lower temperatures

Heat generated can be used to heat up any kind of fluid such as water, oil or air, among others

In addition to generating heat, concentrating solar also makes possible to generate steam and even to generate cold at negative or positive temperatures, depending on the needs of the end user

Compared to other renewables, a main advantage of thermal energy is its capacity to be stored during short or long periods of time, depending on the energy and temperature needs of the end user

Heat 100-350°C

The main application of concentrating solar is the generation of heat between 100 and 350 °C. Such heat can be transferred to any fluid, be it a liquid or a gas

There are various and numerous uses in the industry, in district heating and in the tertiary sector


Steam    Cold

Heat generated by concentrating solar plants can drive a steam generator, which itself is connected to any existing or future steam network

Connected to an absorption chiller, a concentrating solar plant can also generate negative or positive cold 



Concentrating solar plants can store thermal energy at high temperatures for hours or even days

It is also possible to carry out seasonal heat storage at lower temperatures during several months


The flexibility of concentrating solar energy makes possible to integrate
all possible applications within a single plant

industrial sites          local communities          tertiary sector          farms          mines          individuals

you all can benefit from the advantages of concentrating solar energy

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steam network

thermal regulation of greenhouses and breeding premises

thermal regulation of
commercial premises

(including production
of iced water)

drying of minerals and muds

district heating







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concentrating solar plant

heat 100-350°C

steam, cold


numerous related markets

In addition to providing heat, concentrating solar energy has many other applications, among them the production of electricity and drinking water

The high temperatures generated by concentrating solar offer the flexibility to couple different applications together and develop multi-energy plants, producing electricity, drinking water, heat
and/or cold. Such plants can work off-grid or connected to any existing or future grid/heat network


Concentrating Solar Power

The main advantage of CSP over other renewables is its thermal storage capacity, making possible to produce and deliver electricity on demand

Our troughs Sol.CT are perfectly suited for this application, which requires temperatures up to 400 °C



Solar desalination is an ideal solution to produce drinking water in arid areas

The simplicity and robustness of thermal desalination makes it an ideal solution - both working off-grid or grid tied and both as a single producing plant or coupled with the production of electricity

Solar Desalination



our technology

Sol.CT has many competitive advantages

Cost of troughs reduced by 50%

compared to standard troughs

Improved wind resistance
Improved optical performance
  • CFO at Kietta, Marseille (seismic acquisition startup)

  • +20 years in oil offshore construction services

  • Experience in large international groups: Strategy / M&A

Samuel Héritier

  • Gris LinkedIn Icône

Financial advisor

  • Partner at Partner Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati (WSGR) San Diego, CA, USA

  • +20 years of experience in legal management of innovation

Samir Elamrani

  • Gris LinkedIn Icône

IP advisor

  • Process engineer specializing  in innovation management 

  • 10 years of experience managing innovative projects in solar energy and desalination

  • Developer of the first solar concentrating solar heat (CSH) plant for process heat in Morocco 

Mehdi Berrada

  • Gris LinkedIn Icône

CEO & founder

  • Ph.D from EPFL and structural engineer from ETZH

  • Member of the Swiss Academy Sciences / European Grand Prix for Innovation (2006) / Holder of numerous international patents

  • Led the construction of the first privately owned concentrating solar power (CSP) plant in Morocco for the production of electricity

Mauro Pedretti

CTO & co-founder

  • +10 years of experience in innovative technology commercialisation

  • Experience in the development of European-funded projects

  • International profile: [ES] [DE] [EN] [PT]

Pau Muñoz García




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