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Producing solar heat at an unbeatable price
to replace fossil fuels in industry
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We produce solar heat up to 400°C to replace fossil fuels in industry

To do so, we have developed an innovative and unique concentrating

solar technology that increases performance of solar heat 

plants, while reducing construction costs 

Our mission is to enhance the energy transition, and because the world consumes 3 times more heat than electricity, initially, we are targeting industrial uses where more than 60 to 80% of energy needs are in the form of heat,

particularly in the food industry, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, paper, textiles, etc.

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"We believe in EFFICIENT and CLEAN industries"

We tell you everything in 1'30 🎥


industrial applications

Concentrating solar energy produces heat between 100 and 400 ° C, to heat up any type of fluid

at medium and high temperature, such as water, oil or air for example

Concentrating solar energy also makes possible to produce steam, and even generate cold

at negative or positive temperatures as needed, via absorption cooling machines

Compared to other renewable energies, one of the main advantages of thermal energy is the possibility to store it, over short or long periods depending on needs and temperatures

chaleur 100-400°C

Heat 100-400 ° C







many related markets

All components of society can benefit from heat or cold from concentrating solar heat plants:

industries, local communities, the tertiary sector, agriculture, individuals, etc.

In addition to thermal energy, concentrating solar energy can also be used for power production or drinking water

The  flexibility of concentrating solar energy makes it possible to integrate all possible applications within a single plant

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Concentrating Solar Power


The significant advantage of CSP over other renewables is its thermal storage capacity, which makes it possible to produce and supply electricity on demand.

Our Sol.CT troughs are perfectly suited to this application requiring temperatures up to 400°C



Solar desalination


Solar desalination is an ideal way to produce water in arid areas

The simplicity and robustness of thermal desalination make it a solution of choice - both for off-grid or grid-tie sites, both in stand alone production or coupled with power generation

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our technology

Sol.CT has many competitive advantages

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Cost of troughs reduced by 50%

compared to standard troughs

Higher wind resistance
Higher optical performance

the team

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Mehdi Berrada

CEO & founder

+10 years of experience in solar energy and innovation

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Mauro pedretti

CTO & co-founder

+40 years of experience in engineering and construction,

  conventional and innovative​


Pau Muñoz García

CBDO - coming soon

+10 years of experience in business development of innovative technologies​

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Samuel Heritier

CFO - coming soon

+20 years of experience in Strategy & Finance in off-shore construction

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